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About Me

Hello! My name is Niki. Welcome to Clean Plate Club! I am so happy you are here!!

I grew up in Pennsylvania, but I am currently living in Seattle with my fiancé, Zac, our dog, Charlie, and our bird, Stu. By day I am a Data Analyst, but in my free time I love creating recipes with bold flavors and photographing beautiful food.

I grew up a picky picky kid only to turn into a slightly less picky adult. I mostly survived on a diet of chicken fingers, buttered noodles, and hot dogs until I was in college at Penn State. It was there that I discovered my passion for cooking. I watched endless hours of the Food Network. I tested recipes from all different types of cuisines, cookbooks, and blogs. I started to discover everyday normal foods which I had never even bothered to try; more importantly, I discovered I actually liked them.

For me, food has never been a straightforward influence. As someone who has struggled with weight her entire life and used food to cope during difficult times, food has had a negative influence at times.  But there are other moments in which food provided a foundation for some of my most memorable and enjoyable. I started Clean Plate Club as an avenue to share my passion for cooking, food, and photography; to share how these factors have influenced my life and hopefully provide inspiration to everyone out there that we are not alone in our experiences with food.

What's in a Name?

You are probably wondering how I picked the name Clean Plate Club. My fiancé, Zac, and I fell in love over food. Whether it was exploring new recipes in our kitchen or trying out new restaurants, we both share a thrill for eating. When Zac would finish a dish he loved, he would hold up his plate and proudly state that we was a high ranking member of the Clean Plate Club. With that, I knew I had a great name for my blog. 

I invite you to jump in with me on my culinary adventures.

Thank you for visiting the Clean Plate Club!