Kahlua Marshmallows

“Where the hell did I go wrong”?

I had decided I was going to make Kahlua marshmallows. We had a lot of alcohol left over from our wedding, so I’ve been trying to work it into holiday desserts. To set the stage for you, this wasn’t a random, spur of the moment decision. I had been researching how to make homemade marshmallows for WEEKS. I was prepared, or so I thought. In reality, all my preparation led to two epic fails and a very reluctant third and final attempt.

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It's a Start

I started a blog back in 2011. I was 8 months out of grad school and had just landed my first "real" job. I was living in Asheville, NC and I thought I was an expert on cooking. I don't remember the name of the blog and I'm pretty sure it only had 1 post. Looking back, I wasn't ready to take on that challenge.

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